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"One of the silent issues that will be thrust upon the Wearable World is the cost and depth of data needs. This is the one thing that could literally strangle the ecosystem. Akamai is the backbone of the Web. Will they be able to step up to the challenge? John Dillon, head of EMEA marketing will help us understand the impending data apocalypse..."
Redg Snodgrass (@WearableWorld) reviews business opportunities in wearable tech and highlights the biggest pain points restricting widespread adoption. Redg is joined by Milo Yiannopoulos, Columnist at Business Insider, to answer tough questions about the space and whether wearables are meeting the expectations of consumers or falling short.
"Breaking barriers into new markets and kicking ass is the only way Myriam, Pebble’s Chief Evangelist, goes about daily life. . She’ll be sharing insights on Pebble's early triumphs, mistakes, and what the future holds for the company that pushed Wearables into reality, and turned crowdfunding into the norm for Pebble's community."
"Known as the Evangelist for Mozilla, Christian has been pushing the confines of the web for over 20 years. As computers become less about screens and more about things, we can’t wait to get Mozilla’s take on how HTML5 will translate into being about open human beings. Will this tech giant enter the Wearable World or focus on the old mobile one?"
"Redg Snodgrass, founder and CEO of Wearable World – San Francisco based wearable tech accelerator programme, shares his vision on wearable industry and its relevance to technology startups. Redg also discusses wearable tech ecosystem; shares his tips and outlines emerging opportunities for startups."
"What I appreciate is being able to come up with a niche unique use case that makes people's lives better - if you can figure out that one little niche use case and you can build your empire around that niche use case. Don't worry about monetisation, because people will pay if it can enhance their lives and the market will find itself..."
Redg Snodgrass
Wearable World gives you the chance to catch up on the latest trends and startup opportunities around the Internet of Things and wearable technology, presented by industry leaders: Redg Snodgrass at Wearable World, Noel Murphy at Intel and David Doherty at 3G Doctor, during the most recent Wearable Wednesday Ireland.