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I think the most important thing, once you have decided to commit to achieving something, is to believe that you can do it. For me that’s always been the most important thing; I’ve never considered the alternative. That doesn’t mean that I always expect things to turn out perfectly, but I’ve never, ever doubted I could, in the end, achieve my goal.
Ciara O'Toole
by Rado Durina  -23rd Mar '15
Bonin heads up Innovative Global Media Investments at Mondeléz International (Kraft, Oreo, Nabisco, Trident Gum) across all forms of media including digital, TV, print and outdoors. Bonin and Mondeléz are positioning themselves to not just know about the market but to be known as the brand that gets Wearables.
"People tell you that there is a renaissance in hardware but we actually think there is a renaissance in prototyping. This renaissance in prototyping is fuelling the renaissance in hardware, and it's because of the new materials available for hardware creating phenomenal opportunities around innovation."
Liam Casey
"Ireland's First Design & Hardware Hackathon was like no other event. It brought together makers, entrepreneurs, techies, designers and "IoT" innovators and united them with one common goal - to give birth to their cool ideas and prototype the next generation of connected hardware. Watch them in action now!"
"We have seen it too many times: you have a great startup idea, but you don't have the right skills, the right team and the right support to bring your idea to life. Ireland's Hardware Hackathon proves the notion false. The Hackathon attracted more than 100 entrepreneurs, developers & tech enthusiasts from across Ireland. Watch them in action now!"
"What inspired me to get into bitcoins? I got in touch with bitcoins very early, but I didn’t pay much attention back then. Then I decided to go back to college 2 years ago. For one of the courses I had to submit Android app and I decided to do something useful and not just as it usually happens with college. Then I met with Kevin who had an idea."
Alex and Kevin